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Cost efficiency


Tailored solution for chloride protection of concrete structure by Custone Ltd

In new construction sites we identify the planned longevity of a target, the scheduling of future repairs and we survey the environmental conditions and chloride load for coming years. Then, we calculate needed concentration of copper alloy and we provide the material to a mixing plant which will mix the concrete to be produced.
For targets under repairing and coating we analyze chloride tests that are already done and we calculate, based on this analysis and on customer’s wish, the mixing ratio for mortar to be used in repairs. As mortar, normal cement-based manually spred mortar or spray mortar can be used. The mixing is done by a mortar manufacturer in every construction site separately.

Main tests and researches

Copper mortar coating2012
Formation of galvanic cell2010
DuraInt field tests2009 →
Effect of Cu for water solubility of chlorides2008
Solubility of Cu in concrete1999

University of Helsinki:
Acid environment/pH3, sulphuric acid1999
Swimming pool conditions1999


custone referenssit

Please call us concerning references, here you may find some of them:

Bridge N Treksilä, Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment in Uusimaa (ELY Centre)
Overbridge N Munkby, Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment in Uusimaa (ELY Centre)

The repairing of the edge beams of these two bridges was realized by a shell molding technique. The old concrete surface of the edge beams was removed (appr. 40 mm) and was replaced by self-sealing concrete C35/45-3 fortified by the Custone copper alloy.
Thus, a new strong surface is achieved by the method developped by Custone which bind chlorides penetrating into concrete. The work was executed by Destia Ltd.

Inkoo fishing harbour, commune of Inkoo

In connection with the renovation of the fishing harbour, in the base of ancient damages, the most critical location for the corrosion caused by chlorides was chosen.
The Custode-method in re-molding was used to this quay edge and edge beam. Thus, the purpose is to have the quay stronger and more long-lasting in use. The work was designed by Insinööritoimisto Matti Pitkälä and realised by Suomen Vesirakennus Oy.

Bridge Ukonsilta, Mänttä, Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment in Pirkanmaa (ELY Centre)

On this site, grouts for second stage concrete of beams and surfaces , the upper corner of the bridge deck as its whole width and the upper part of the front wall of the base structure were renovated by the concrete reinforced by the Custode copper alloy. The bridge will be provided with a device of measuring masses in the movement joint , thus in the future, the renovated structures would not be exposed to the stress caused by chlorides.
The Custone-methode has been used for structures which are molded and for structures where pneumatically applied mortar is used. The work was executed by Insinööritoimisto VM Suomalainen.

Bridge Kyrönjoen silta, Mustasaari, Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment in South Ostrobothnia (ELY Centre )

On this bridge, in the frame of repairing the bridge, the most polluted locations damaged by the corrosion caused by chlorides were repaired, and the Custone copper alloy was added in the concrete used. The target is to guarantee the good functionality of the bridge for 20 years ahead. The main contractor was Andament Oy.

Härkämäen alikulku / Varsinais-Suomen ELY-keskus / uudet reunapalkit

Ratakadun silta, Kotka / Kaakkois-Suomen ELY-keskus / keski- ja reunapalkit

Loviisa U-1740 / YIT / liikuntasaumojen korjaus, reunapalkit

Niinisalo / Varsinais-Suomen ELY-keskus / pilareiden pinnoitus IT-betonilla

Honkimäen silta, Lapua / Etelä-Pohjanmaan ELY-keskus / tukipilareiden pinnoitus ja vahvistaminen

Bridge Vihdintie / Helsinki city / reunapalkkien uusinta / chloride protection by Custone Ltd

Bridges in Hamina / Liikennevirasto / S19 T2 pilari / chloride protection by Custone Ltd

Reunapalkkine uusinta sillassa Custone menetelmä
Picture: The new edge will be ready soon.

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