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Frequently asked questions and answers (FAQ) relating to repairing and corrosion protection of bridges

We have gathered on this page the most frequent questions and answers on concrete constructions. You can also contact us by phone or by e-mail, we will serve you with pleasure.

Q: What kind of targets are the most adapted for the Custone-method?
A: All reinforced concrete structures which are exposed to chlorides.

Q: What happens to the combined copper chloride, does it fill the air voids?
A: That alloy remains in the concrete and does not fill air voids, as its quantity is insignificant compared to the volume of the air voids.

Q: Does it change the colour of the concrete?
A: No, it doesn't. But if you want to get a blue colour, it is possible. Good examples of it are blue art works and landscape decorations.

Q: In what quantity do you have to add copper alloy in the concrete?
A: The quantity depends on the level of the protection needed, and it is also a function of time and chloride load.

Q: Is “copper concrete” a hazardous waste?
A: For the treatment of copper concrete you must follow the same instructions as for other concrete wastes.

Q: Does it make a difference if you use for the ice prevention (salting) calcium chloride instead of sodium chloride?
A: Only in the sense that calcium chloride liberates more chloride ions, which should mean a greater corrosion effect.


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